Feb 03 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm





CEOP online safety training

The Thinkuknow Introduction Course consists of five modules, designed for CEOP Ambassadors to deliver to professionals who work with children and young people. Each module covers a specific topic related to keeping children and young people safe from sexual abuse and exploitation online.

Delegates must have a valid DBS certificate

This CEOP course will allow delegates to understand the risks around online activity. Upon completion, delegates will receive CEOP certification.

The Thinkuknow Introduction Course Modules:

  • Module One: Introduction to CEOP and Reporting (30 minutes)
  • Module Two: Children and Young People Online (45 minutes)
  • Module Three: Online Sexual Abuse (45 minutes)
  • Module Four: Nude Selfies: What Professionals Need to Know (45 minutes)
  • Module Five: Thinkuknow Resources (30 minutes)

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