Nov 18 2020


8:00 am - 12:00 pm



G Suite Level 2 Certification

Course Overview

Get ready for your next step in professional development and receive all the content required to complete the Level 2 Google Certified Educator Course. This unit expands on the training from the Level 1 course and comes complete with 12 hours of training, email and telephone support, access to a community chat group, and the exam itself.


School teachers, ICT/Computing leaders, SLT, admin staff, or anyone with a passion for Google tools and using technology to enhance teaching and learning.


12 hours (split into multiple sessions) either in person or online + 180 minute exam


Delegates should have their own G Suite account (either a G Suite for Education or personal G Mail account) and have achieved Google Educator Level 1 status

Resources needed

A device that connects to the internet. Once can be provided if required.

Google Account

Course Outline

This in depth course will prepare users to take the Google for Education Level 2 Educator course, but also prepare them to use and provide support to other staff at their school on the use of Google tools for educational purposes, starting the journey towards Google Trainer.

  • UNIT 1: The Digital Classroom
  • UNIT 2: Google Chrome
  • UNIT 3: Google Scholar
  • UNIT 4: Google Docs, Forms, Slides and Sheets
  • UNIT 5: Google Drive
  • UNIT 6: Google Classroom
  • UNIT 7: Gmail and Calendar
  • UNIT 8: Google Sites
  • UNIT 9: Google Meet
  • UNIT 10: Youtube
  • UNIT 11: Blogger
  • UNIT 12: Other tools
  • The exam

  • Promote and model effective use of digital tools
  • Leverage learning models to personalise learning
  • How to manage chrome apps and extensions
  • Search the chrome web store
  • Advanced search techniques including Google news, trends, books and keen
  • Search for relevant publications
  • Advanced Scholar Searches
  • Creating a personlised Google Scholar Library
  • Creating Citations
  • Explore tool, table of contents
  • Interactive lessons
  • Add-ons
  • Create forms and quizzes
  • Go to section based on answer
  • Edit media
  • Organise, sort, filter data
  • Functions, data validation, charts and conditional formatting
  • Pivot tables and add-ons
  • Upload files and folders
  • Sharing files
  • Apps and extensions that add to Drive
  • Differentiate assignments
  • Create a portal
  • Facilitate discussions
  • New features
  • Canned responses, unsend and advanced settings
  • Embedding calendars
  • Appointment slots
  • Customise your site
  • Student portfolios
  • Insert and embed media
  • Group chats
  • Video calls
  • Remote learning
  • New features
  • Customise and manage your channel
  • How to use the studio editor
  • Create, manage and share playlists
  • How to create and customise a blog
  • How to add media and content to the blog
  • Drawings
  • My Maps
  • Groups
  • Google Earth
  • Arts and Culture
  • Expeditions 
  • Translate
  • CS first
  • Applied Digital skills

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Session 2

Session 3

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Session 3

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