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How to teach the Computing Curriculum – Primary

A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

National curriculum for computing – 2014

Course Overview

The computing curriculum for Primary Schools is an important one to get right. Children need to be taught the skills required to thrive in the 21st Century, and be prepared for secondary school, in a time when digital technology is more important than ever. Often, Computing is seen as a specialist subject, but this course aims to break down the jargon and give educators the knowledge needed to help their students excel.


Any Computing lead or teacher with a responsibility to teach Computing to Primary aged pupils.


1 day

Course Outline

This full day course looks to include everything needed to teach and deliver the Computing curriculum, from planning to assessment and all the terminology in between. Delegates will take back resources and ideas to enthuse their staff, and also be able to carry out a knowledge and skills audit to identify further training needs.

OpeningBrief overview of the day and why the curriculum changed in 2014
Knowledge and skills auditCarry out a knowledge and skills audit linked to the national curriculum, and learn how to adapt this to the school setting
Computational thinkingExplore the term “Computational thinking” and discover ways it can be introduced throughout KS1 and KS2
ProgrammingAs programming is a huge change, and quite specialist, this section looks at progression through programming, from simply ordering instructions for the youngest children right through block based programming into text based command line programming.
The InternetThe Internet and World Wide Web play a critical role in our lives, but how do they actually work? This unit will ensure teachers have the knowledge to correctly teach and demonstrate to children at different stages in their education
PlanningAnother hands on session, where delegates get to share their current planning documents and look at a range of other units which could be adapted to their own setting. The goal here is to leave with a complete long term/medium term plan to distribute to staff at school
AssessmentAssessment plays a vital role by allowing staff to understand where their children are in the learning journey, but how many schools effectively assess Computing? This section aims to provide resources and guidance that can be utilised by the school to ensure accurate feedback and assessment.
ResourcesA full section on “other resources” including hardware, software, websites and other computing elements that can help staff with engaging lessons.

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