Digital Marking and Grading for Schools

How digital marking can benefit your school

Work marking is one of the main contributors to teacher burnout and workload burden contributing to teachers leaving the profession. However, technology can be used to quicken the process, ensure diagnostic feedback and enable teachers to reclaim some time back for themselves. 


As Ofsted appear to be expecting a ‘knowledge-based’ curriculum across all schools, teachers are spending hours creating knowledge recall quizzes and collecting responses. As a speedier alternative, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom both have assignment features which can be marked and graded automatically and displayed in digital mark-books which show your students’ progress throughout the academic year (making it easy to demonstrate progress over time and ‘knowledge gaps’ to a visitor on a learning walk, observation or inspection)!


Teachers even have the opportunity to add rubrics and criterion from exam boards which can be pulled through to students’ work. Not only does this allow students to see where they are with regards to ‘working-at’ grades, but enables teachers to simply tick parts of the criterion which apply (rather than tediously writing these by hand). 


As former experienced teachers in Primary and Secondary phases respectively, our Customer Success Managers Angela Baker and Ben Latham have extensive experience in using technology across all aspects of school life. Feel free to reach out to digitally transform your setting, reduce the marking burden and most importantly, claim (at least) a part of the weekend for yourselves. 

Published: February 22