Leconfield Primary case study

A digitally connected school.

Leconfield is an average-sized primary school near Normandy Barracks. Previously had very little working technology, limited access for children and staff struggled to work from home effectively.

Reclaiming budget control

Katie Tracey, the Headteacher at Leconfield Primary, identified both staff and pupils were distancing from technology in their day to day school lives. When reviewing, Katie found an ageing ICT system due to expensive replacement costs. 

During this audit, we identified, devices ranged from 4-7 years old, as well as having a failing 5-year-old server structure. Login times ranged from 3-5 minutes with an average class taking 21 minutes before being class ready.

Katie wanted a manageable and value-based solution to regain control long-term.


  • Old Equipment
  • Slow devices
  • Disengaged teachers
  • Budget constraints

The solution

Our team have designed and developed a unique solution that blends Azure’s cloud technology, Google for Education, Microsoft and services, that are secure, flexible, scalable, manageable, impartial and best value. We included consultancy, install a fully managed service and a Google training & teaching support programme. Chromebooks were chosen for children and more powerful laptops for teachers and administration staff.

Cloud hosting alleviated the requirement for onsite servers and their associated cost and enables users to work anywhere and at any time, safely and securely. Collaboration and central data storage meant the school was fully compliant, making the infrastructure fit for purpose and relieving worries of a cyber attack.

The solutions allow schools to budget up to nine years in advance with our fixed subscription managed service whilst ensuring technology is refreshed every three. It also provides an average cost saving of 20% compared to the current technology spend.

How it helped

  • 6 second sign on and no device older than 3 years
  • Exciting features for blended learning with Google’s G Suite
  • A real technology culture
  • Seamless interaction between pupils, teaching staff and admin staff
  • Secure access, anytime and from any location
  • Ease the workload by all data and MIS systems been available on-demand
  • Save money and increased devices
  • Enabling teachers to plan, mark and streamline overall teaching delivery
  • Improved staff self-development with a training programme
  • Aggregated, all in one service easily managed and forecasted

“Like many small schools, we found ourselves with no equipment and no money to spend. Now the children use technology every day. It loads fast, is reliable, and just works! Staff can work at home easily, and the support and training have been a real benefit.”

Katie Tracey- Headteacher- Leconfield Primary School

Published: August 29