IT Security Tips from a Trusted IT Partner

12% of primary schools reported experiencing breaches or attacks at least weekly according to Gov UK

IT Security for Schools

Being proactive with your school’s cybersecurity prevents future threats of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, phishing attacks and other potential security breaches from damaging your school’s security. 


Protecting your networks, devices and data from unauthorised access keeps your school and its reputation safe. 


Even if there is no immediate threat to your school’s IT system, 12% of primary schools reported experiencing breaches or attacks at least weekly according to Gov UK. Schools are a prime target for hackers as they target institutions where they know there’s money to steal.


If you’re unsure of how to keep your school cyber-safe, here are our top 5 security tips for schools:


  • Antivirus software, firewalls and multi-factor authentication

A critical component of increasing your school’s IT security is ensuring that you have effective malware and ransomware defences in place. Antivirus software, firewalls and multi-factor authentication are all ways in which you can defend your school against cyber attacks. No matter the size of your school’s budget or IT infrastructure, PrimaryTech can help to implement an advanced IT security strategy to ensure all educational computers remain protected. 


  • Perform an IT skills audit on your teaching staff

Our technology skills audit will measure your teaching staffs IT knowledge to show areas in which they may need to improve. Keeping your teaching staff updated with the latest technology updates and best practices will make for a better classroom learning experience. Increasing your staff’s technology will also make sure they know how to best keep themselves and their students safe from data breaches. 


  • Teach the importance of cyber security to pupils

Make sure pupils have the knowledge to protect themselves from cyber security threats both inside and outside of the classroom. Teaching your students how to stay safe online includes teaching them how to safely and responsibly communicate and know which information they can trust. Some of the dangers they need to look out for include receiving unwanted emails and messages, aggression and online hate, digital addiction and contact with strangers. 


  • Update all applications

Keeping applications up to date will make sure that your school has the latest and securest applications. Updates can be done both automatically and manually. Doing regular system reboots and keeping an eye out to make sure applications are up to date will make sure that your school has the latest security updates installed.

  • Maximise your level of IT support

At PrimaryTech we pride ourselves on maximising your school’s level of technology support which is why we offer a wide range of services and support plans. We can provide IT as a service, managed services, digital education support, professional services, hardware and software and much more. We know how to keep your school’s IT systems secure and improve your IT efficiency by implementing the best solution for your school. 

View our IT services online today or call us on 01482 420165 for more advice.   

Published: January 3