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The smart way to save money on the latest smart boards.

Why Lease Smart Boards?

Interactive whiteboards are one of the most innovative ideas to come to the classroom, yet at a price tag of around £2k a board the cost of kitting a whole school out can often blow the healthiest of budgets.

So do you need the latest smart boards in every classroom, and could leasing be a better option?

  • With flexible options including returning or buying at end of the term, leasing can be much better value for money.
  • All staff can utilise the same equipment throughout the school, creating a seamless experience from room to room.
  • Access up-to-date technology optimised for hybrid learning and compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.
  • Manage smart board content using any internet-connected device, choose from hundreds of templates or create your own.
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The latest SMART Board Technology

google workspace

More than just an interactive display, smart boards like the Clevertouch IMPACT integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace, creating a teaching and learning environment that is simple and familiar.

CleverTouch Smart Board

Key Features

Compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
You can prepare resources anywhere at any time

Designed for hybrid learning
Students can participate in and out of the classroom

Free apps and software
Cleverstore, LYNX Whiteboard

Screen mirroring for 50 devices
With 6 mobile devices shown on your IMPACT Plus – Clevershare

Full screen digital signage capabilities
ClevertouchLive App

Customise your home screen
With your school’s colours, logos, photos and preferred apps and software – ClevertouchLive

Control and troubleshoot remotely
Via MDM Remote Management

Elevated connectivity
Latest generation USB-C for charging and ethernet, plus all other connectivity ports for connecting a range of devices.

Leasing offers with PrimaryTech

PrimaryTech are experts in providing the best-value IT solutions to the Education industry. We provide, install, manage and support thousands of products to small and large schools and businesses.

Example lease pricing:

12 x Clevertouch Impact 2 Smart Boards for £1971 per quarter, saving over £6,000 on a 3 year contract!

For more information on our summer 2022 smartboard offers, please get in touch below.

Hardware leasing by PrimaryTech

PrimaryTech is a trusted IT partner for ambitious schools wanting to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

We have over 13 years experience, working with hundreds of schools and businesses, and have developed many trusted and valued partnerships with leading IT suppliers.

We provide the right level of support and service to every school and business, solving the toughest of IT challenges.

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