The Spectrum of Technology in Education

What is it?

Over the years technology has been continuously developing, opening up more opportunities and efficiencies for technology within schools. However, many schools are finding themselves falling behind with developments and are working with outdated IT systems and processes that aren’t cost-effective.

We’ve put together a spectrum to help you discover where your school’s technology currently lies and where it has the potential to be. With the services we offer at PrimaryTech, we can help your school go from Foundational to Transformational.  

education technology spectrum for schools

Where does your school fit?

Take a look at the table below and have a think about where your school fits within the spectrum.

technology in education

To find out more about the developments of technology in the classroom, take a look at this report by Google for Education which identifies and examines research-based shifts in classroom education across the world. Following this, Google for Education has also produced this report on the emerging classroom trends within primary and secondary schools across the UK.

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Published: April 14