Why you need single sign on

Remembering passwords and usernames for several different apps and platforms can be a nightmare. That’s why many schools are turning to single sign on as a way of saving time and improving the usability of their tech. Here are just a few of the benefits of SSO and some of the ways your school can take advantage of it.

Saves Time and Frustration

It’s common for children to forget their password or username, which can cost valuable lesson time. With single sign on you can combine multiple logins for students and staff, whilst being able to choose your login preference from Emojis, magic badges or an email address and password. This will allow you to find the best system that works for your school.

Improves Usability

Single sign on software such as Wonde allow children and staff to have all of their apps, main online resources and tools linked from one central location.

MIS Integration & Security

All single sign on accounts are automatically created or deactivated in correspondence with your MIS data. For example if a new pupil joins your school an account will automatically be created, whilst if a teacher leaves, their logins are suspended to help safeguard your school.

Reduction on Password Resets

With SSO you have fewer passwords to remember which results in fewer calls to the IT helpdesk about forgotten passwords, saving both time and resources.

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Published: March 18