Digital Leaders Programme – relaunch in December 2023


Digital Leaders are a group of pupils in your school who are involved in the planning, delivery and support of your IT provision.  By investing in Digital Leaders, you’ll  be providing opportunities for pupils to gain life skills and new experiences, raising the profile of Computing across the school as well as reducing the burden of selected day-to-day tasks.

Participating schools will receive a 1-year subscription to establish and manage the success of this exciting program. Typically Digital Leaders can be from Years 3 upwards all the way through secondary schools. Infant schools have adapted the programme by offering more adult support.

Pupils will not only receive official titles/roles but enamel badges too. Promoting their role means that teachers, parents, children and governors will take them seriously, making for a valuable and memorable experience. They’ll also be able to pass on their acquired knowledge and skills to others, improving their social skills and giving them a genuine boost to their self-esteem. 

How the programme works:

  • We will provide an electronic 22 page booklet designed by educators and jam-packed with ideas for activities for every week of the school year, linking them to annual events and awareness days.
  • We will send exciting resources – six enamel badges and certificates to help your Digital Leaders fit into their roles.
  • You will receive an email each month to support upcoming awareness days and inspire your Digital Leaders for the coming month.*
  • We will promote and share their work with other schools on our social media when permission is given.
  • If you have a specific awareness day or event at your school, request help designing tasks for your Digital Leaders – we know education isn’t one size fits all! 

The Digital Leader scheme suggests the use of free resources and has been designed with pupils in mind. The programme cost £100 for a 12 month subscription. 

Contact us today using the form below to request a formal quote.

All of our IT as a Service customers will get free access to our Digital Leaders programme – without badges – and will be in contact with you directly in December 2023.

*This will be for 12 months following subscription.


Published: November 10