Digital Leaders Programme

Want to take part in an exciting new opportunity that benefits both pupils and staff? Sign up to our Digital Leaders programme and give your pupils the chance to experience a high-profile, responsible role that also offers additional support for teachers. 

Digital Leaders are a group of pupils in your school who are involved in the planning, delivery and support of your IT provision.  By investing in Digital Leaders, you’ll reduce the burden of selected day to day tasks whilst providing opportunities for pupils to gain life skills and new experiences. 

Participating schools will receive the relevant training and 1 year support from ourselves to help establish and manage the success of this program. Typically schools select around 5 pupils to be Digital Leaders from Years 5 & 6.

Pupils will not only receive official titles/roles, but certificates and lanyards. Promoting their role means that teachers, parents, children and governors will take them seriously, making for a valuable and memorable experience. They’ll also be able to pass on their acquired knowledge and skills to others, improving their social skills and giving them a genuine boost to their self-esteem. 

How the programme works:

  • We’ll work with your lead teacher to establish roles and responsibilities. 
  • Join interviews and participate in the recruitment process.
  • Provide exciting resources such as lanyards and certificates to help your Digital Leaders fit into their role.
  • Support with initial setting up of roles and promotion to the school community.
  • Suggest suitable tasks/roles for your Digitial Leaders, and map out annual events and awareness days.
  • Provide pupil training at least every half term either in person or online. 
  • Promote their work to other schools and involve them in local/national events when possible.

Interested in finding out more about the role of a Digital Leader and the advantages for both teachers and pupils? Contact us today using the contact form below or sign up to our Digital Leaders training here.

All of our IT as a Service customers will get free access to our Digital Leaders programme.


Published: November 10