Driffield Junior School turn to the cloud


For Driffield Junior School, the biggest attraction of moving to the cloud was the large scale increase in devices. Like many schools, they were at the end of a buying cycle and to replace like for
like, new for old, would have been very expensive. Keeping them at the same level, with the same issues again in 3 years time as the hardware becomes outdated, this wasn’t an option.

The 5-7 year buying cycle was putting a strain on hardware and budgets, often leaving staff with technology that did not work as expected. The other huge factor was the improvement in collaborative working, with many staff wanting to work together to ease the workload. The previous ways of working were unreliable and often led to multiple versions of the same document.
The switch to google software was a needed one, and the move to cloud gave them the perfect opportunity to make this change to their working efficiencies.


  • Old Equipment
  • Slow devices
  • Disengaged teachers
  • Budget constraints

How it helped

PrimaryTech managed to replace ALL of their hardware, on a new 3 year buying cycle and obtain more devices for the children. Staff can work from anywhere in the world and multiple
versions of the same document are no longer an issue. The school were able to create a long term IT strategy and vision, in line with the government’s guidelines “Moving Your School To The Cloud.” Once the school had new devices, it totally changed their approach to both teaching and learning. Google Classroom makes sharing and collaborative work between teachers and pupils intuitive and effective, while the increase in devices allows far more children access to much more reliable technology. It has allowed them to shift from teaching IT to using IT to enhance and enrich learning for all throughout our school.

Additional benefits

  • Secure, unlimited file storage with access to files securely from any device.
  • Shared calendars for collaboration
  • Google Classroom to connect to students in school and out of school, share resources and interact in real-time.
  • Secure email, including file exposure threats, encryption, spam and malware classification and actionable security recommendations.
  • More devices for pupils
  • 3-year refresh on devices- no old technology
  • 8 second load time on Chromebooks
  • Greater collaboration on any file
  • Enhanced student engagement
  • One fixed price for IT support, hardware, training and development
  • Future proof their infrastructure
  • Increased IT usage across the school
  • No change for admin staff- still have a Windows desktop experience
  • An easier way of working
  • Greater curriculum opportunities
  • Single-Sign-On between G Suite, Office 365, MIS and all subscription-based apps

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Published: November 25