Enhancing Education: Linking Awareness Days to Technology

Every day is an awareness day

 of some kind!

By incorporating relevant awareness days into the curriculum with a digital connection, it will elevate the prominence of computing throughout the entire school, promoting a well-rounded understanding of the subject across the school. Some have a more obvious link while others support an element of tech – check out some upcoming awareness day below: 

17th July – World Emoji Day 

Emojis have become a popular way to communicate across language barriers and are now an integral part of smartphone keyboards, messaging apps, and even popular culture. July 17 is famously displayed on the 📅 Calendar Emoji! 

20th May – World Bee Day

Ok, so it’s a tenuous link but the Bee-Bot floor robot is an engaging way to allow students of all ages to incorporate programming into a range of subjects. You don’t even need to have an actual Bee-Bot to  use the Apple & Android apps. World Bee Day activities

16th May – World Drawing Day

Get ready to unleash your creativity this World Drawing Day! This day is about remembering the love we have for making and viewing all kinds of drawings, and while some of us can’t use a pencil to draw a circle, what better way to engage with tech to help your class be more creative!

10th March – Mario Day The annual celebration of the Super Mario franchise, it takes place on 10th March each year. Although the holiday was not created by Nintendo, the day is unofficially celebrated by Super Mario fans & is an ideal way to incorporate programming & the enjoyment of gaming into the curriculum as it develops critical thinking & problem solving skills as well as promoting creativity and innovation. 11th January – World Sketchnote Day World Sketchnote Day is when the sketchnoting community come together to celebrate and promote the uses of Sketchnote, and the creative minds behind them. Sketch notes are a way of taking notes in a visually appealing way. 8th January – World Typing Day Typing Day is an annual event that falls on 8 January in Malaysia, to promote speed, accuracy and efficiency in written communication among the public – what a perfect excuse to practise keyboard skills in school!

6th – 12th December – Computer Science Education Week

Also referred to as CS or CSEdWeek, is an annual event dedicated to inspiring students to learn computer science. Its purpose is to promote fairness in computer science education and raise awareness of jobs in this field. The event is held annually in the week that includes 9th December, the birthday of the computer scientist Grace Hopper.

Published: November 24