Guide to welcoming devices back to school

Over the past year, mandatory shutdowns forced schools and most of the world into emergency remote learning and working situations that were heavily dependent on the use of technology. With schools reopening next week, they’ll be welcoming back both pupils and devices, so how can your school prepare for this? We’ve put together this helpful guide that covers everything your school should be doing and should be aware of in regards to welcoming devices back to school.

Recommended actions:

  • Have pupils return the devices to school and give them a “once over” to check for visible damage to screen, keyboard and make sure that the device powers on. 
  • Check the condition of the charger and arrange a PAT test if necessary. 
  • Leave the devices for around 48 hours (check local authority guidance).
  • Thoroughly clean the device. Warning – do not use anything liquid. Even “wet wipes” are dangerous to machines.
  • Charge the device.
  • If using a Chromebook – Powerwash the device, visit this help guide for instructions.
  • If not already enrolled into the admin console, enrol the device so they pick up the correct features, extensions and safeguarding applications.
  • If using an iPad, enrol the device into an MDM and add to the school network.
  • Update all the apps and wipe any unnecessary images or apps.
  • If using a Windows device, wipe the device of all data and add to the school domain.
  • Store the device securely in school, either in the charging unit, or in a secure location.

Things to consider:

  • Can your network cope with the demand of these extra devices?
  • Do you have a storage place for the new devices?
  • How will the new devices integrate with the current devices?
  • Are all devices tagged in the asset register?
  • How do you plan to use all the devices? – Will you look towards a 1-1 solution, or recreate bigger class or year group sets to use in lessons?

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Published: March 2