Outsourced IT Support to Boost Your Schools Productivity

Outsourced IT Support for Schools

An outsourced IT support department is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance your school’s productivity. Every school is different and therefore every school will need bespoke and tailored IT solutions. 

Whether you’re a primary school, secondary school, multi-academy or trust. Primary Tech can provide the technology solutions that your educational institution needs for productive, safe, and cost-effective teaching and learning. 

We can help you boost your school’s productivity by helping with the administration system to cloud-based learning support. Choose from ad-hoc to a fully managed IT service as and when it suits your needs. 

Some of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your IT department include:

Enhances student’s learning experience

Technology can make things more interesting and fun for students to learn. Turning textbook learning into fun online games is a way for younger students to remember what they have learnt. No matter the level of online learning needed, we can support you in finding the perfect software to enhance student education and their overall satisfaction with teaching and learning.

PrimaryTech has a team of experts that can help you with any IT challenge. This includes support with software such as Google Classroom and Microsoft 365.

Improves productivity for teaching staff

Technology can help to teach staff to communicate effectively with a large number of students and helps teachers to keep track of handed-in assignments and homework. Teachers will never have to worry about ‘the dog ate my homework’ again as hours spent on educational software can be monitored and online grading systems ensure that work is marked and done on time.

Classroom management and learning can be handled more effectively and data can be kept safer with the right technology in place, from online registers to parent’s day feedback all data can be securely stored on the cloud. We also offer Staff IT Audits to ensure your teaching staff have up-to-date IT knowledge.

Increases cyber security and provides IT disaster support 

IT Support for Schools can help you to minimise IT disasters such as cyber-attacks, lost data and safeguarding students online. We can also put plans in place to minimise your risk and give you peace of mind.

Cost savings

Because we are an outsourced IT department we can offer your school flexible pricing, flexible support and a package to suit your needs and budget. If you’re unsure of what technical support you need, you can book an IT audit or contact one of our friendly staff members for more advice.

Everything we do is designed to help schools get the most out of technology for their students which is why we offer such broad and flexible support. 

As there are a lot of moving pieces in finding, solving, planning and monitoring your school’s technology. An outsourced IT department can be used to further enhance your existing in-house IT department or as a stand-alone solution. Contact us for more information.

Published: November 29