Quick tips for improving your internet speed

It’s a common misconception that slow internet speeds are solely down to the fault of your internet provider; anything from your settings, wireless hardware and updates can have an impact on your internet speed. Here are some of our top tips to help you improve your speed:

Wireless Coverage

Depending on how many wireless access points there are in your building and how far away you are can have an impact on internet speeds. Make sure your home or school has enough effectively placed access points.

Wired in

If possible directly plug your device into your router. This will give a faster and more reliable connection from your device to the router internally.

Keep Devices Up To Date

This will ensure you have the latest drivers and updates for browsing the internet.


You may need to speak to your Internet Service Provider about their packages, they may be able to offer you a faster connection more suitable for your needs and the number of devices you have connected.

Unneeded Software/Extensions

Some software can slow down your device impacting your internet browsing by using unnecessary resources . Review and remove any software and extensions that you do not need.

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Published: February 9