Why Are School IT Skills Important?

Now more than ever, technology is being relied upon as a fundamental teaching and learning tool within schools. Despite this, the government’s Education Technology Survey 2020-2021 found that 68% of teachers said they were not comfortable or confident with online learning platforms or technology. Following this, 64% of teachers say skills and confidence are a barrier to the uptake of technology for teaching. Whilst technology is a powerful tool for optimising teaching and learning opportunities, it can’t have an optimal effect if staff don’t have the right skills or knowledge of what’s possible. 

Skills audits are designed with the purpose of highlighting areas for improvement. This means when skill gaps are identified, schools can then take the next steps in bridging those gaps, this could include delivering training for staff that addresses their specific gaps in knowledge and skills. 

Outcomes of a skills audit

  • Skills audits can provide invaluable information and data that can influence both short-term decisions and long-term strategies for improvement. 
  • Ability to pinpoint improvement methodology for all levels of technology based knowledge and understanding.
  • Improves staff enthusiasm for self-improvement and confidence, and inspires the exploration of new teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Children of all capabilities experience engaging and exciting learning environments whilst gaining lifelong skills for a digital world. 
  • Clear improvements in productivity and efficiency through digital delegation and automation, saving time and driving return on investment. 

If your school is interested in enhancing its use of technology for effective teaching and learning, consider booking a skills audit; we’ll help you evaluate your skills and knowledge, identify skill gaps and determine bespoke training needs. 

Published: September 21